"I'm an actor - I am ready to work" Welcome Thank you for stopping by. Things are getting back to a new normal. We can see it in TV commercials and shows. Theaters across the country are opening their doors and most are at full capacity. I feel that people are, in general, eager to go out and be entertained. That’s where I come in! I am thankful for all the opportunities to audition and to be the face of products, productions, tales, shows and much more. From the audition process to the moment I am booked, I am vested to produce at the highest standard. I am ready to work.


My Spanish Podcast titled “Consejos Practicos de Seguros y Mas” (Practical Insurance Advice and More) had a great start. I had several views and positive comments. The Podcast is streaming in Pandora, and Apple. Thank you for all the positive reviews. I have introduced some interesting subjects and I am spilling the “beans” on all that is insurance. I have also shared something about my roots and fun facts about growing in Puerto Rico. Stay tuned for a new episode where I talk about your rights, and what you could be missing out on when your boss turns a “blind eye” after you’ve been involved in an accident at work. It’s a doozey.

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