"I'm an actor - I am ready to work" bio Hello! I am Lisa Maria Morales and I live in Orlando, Florida the beautiful sunshine State. I was born in Puerto Rico to Honduran parents. I am married to Superman, really… he is my hero and my love. I have an adult son that is also very talented in making jewelry and like me, he is free spirited. Since my childhood I enjoyed entertaining others through the art of 'living' in an another person’s skin and relating a story from their point of view.   Ah!    Is that acting?   Well, that is what I do.

At an early age, my mother instilled various forms of art which inspire me today.   Just to attend short art classes, we would ride the early bus on Saturday mornings and walk the colorful, steep cobble roads in the hills of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Productions were simple, setting a stage only took one person and the props where optional, but people always gathered there for a good laugh or a cry. I have many warm memories of my upbringing, always surrounded by simple pleasures.

These days I continue in my pursuit of entertaining and I am happy to be where I am, surrounded by my loving family, friends and a little spoil brat chihuahua named Jerry.

Florida has been my home for over 25 years and in that time, I have built a career within the insurance industry. From adjusting claims, to selling insurance, I am wealth of information. It’s time that I share it with my community in hopes that it can help others navigate through these waters. Stay tuned for my upcoming Podcasts “Consejos Practicos de Seguros y Mas” - “Practical Insurance Advice and More”.
SAG - AFTRA Eligible
Lisa maria Morales